Saturday, December 31, 2016

Not So Happy New Year

I guess I sound like a broken record.......but things are still going wrong.

We have had the painters all week, that has been wonderful.  They have painted every day, a welcome change from the single worker who stayed for four hours one day a week.  I have to say, these guys work and work hard.

As you can see, the house is a total wreck.  Under that somewhere is my long arm frame and the cabinets that go on either side of the fireplace.  Once the granite gets installed, the cabinets will get into their proper places and off my floor!

The crew also completed as much of the trim as they could.  Frank and I spent all day Friday picking up more lumber for trim, more paint for the walls and trim, then more lumber again.  This morning he had to run to the paint store for more trim paint!

The painters will come back on Monday and do some work that Jay can't get his people to do like put in the puertas, sills in the ventanas and pintar on the paredes.

I spent the day shopping with Carrie, so many things to get.  She bought some clothes and I bought Dr. Peppers.  We had a great time chilling with each other.  With her busy work and social schedule, I don't get to see her very often.  I so enjoyed out time together.

So when the rain started this afternoon, I was doing fairly well.  Until we realized the trailer is leaking in the front.  And the mattress I sleep on is soaking wet.

 Will it ever end?  Believe me, these guys can't work fast enough for me.


  1. Oh, Glen . . . I'm glad you have shared this process on the blog. I don't think anyone could truly imagine the ups and downs of what you've been through without these glimpses.

  2. Aye carumba! Prosperos Ano Nuevo!

  3. I'm catching up with you (I fell behind by almost two weeks) which means words of encouragement are "too little, too late." I'm sorry that you're still dealing with this mess and, worse, the camper is also giving problems. Try to hold on.


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