Sunday, December 11, 2016

Weekend Work In the House

We spent the niht in the house on Friday night.  It was down to 27 that night and with no heat in the camper we needed to make sure the dogs were warm.

Dog beds were scattered all over the room, but they sometimes choose one bed.  Chloe NEVER allows a boy to sleep with her!

Suzette, otherwise known as Swooze of Quilts and Tall Tales sent me this great Instant Pot.  I have wanted one for a while now, she must have read my mind.   I couldn't wait to try it out.  I am not sure I chose the right recipe, it may still yet get tossed out.  It was supposed to be chicken enchiilda soup but it turned out to be Hot Hot Hot Pepper Broth.  Hmmm.

 I might need to try another recipe..........

Today I decided that something needed to be going on in the house.  So I got the miter saw and box and set up the WorkHorse table.  I drug some quarter round for the baseboards out to the patio and started cutting.

I was about half done with the master bedroom when Frank came home.  Up to this point I had cut all the angles correctly......the first time and with no mistakes.  There are some interesting 22.5 degree angles in part of bedroom near the door to the bathroom.  He offered to get the nail gun and start attaching it to the baseboards.

Once he got set up, he started questioning every cut I was making.  I started making mistakes.

So I had a conversation with him.  We agreed that he could play with the nail gun and I would do the quarter round.

I finished the master bedroom, the hallway, my sewing room, Frank's office, part of the den, the breakfast area (with more 22.5 degree angles) and in the foyer.

And Frank happily nailed all those pieces in!

On Saturday we attended the wedding of my friend and hairdresser Theresa.  Paula brought my grey dress and boots from her house.  A lot of my stuff lives at other peoples houses now.  Frank dressed up in his new shirt from the Lands End catalog.

the wedding was at noon in a beautifully quaint cabin in a small town north of Baton Rouge.  In fact, it was two parishes away on some two lane windy roads.  We were very glad that it was daylight and we could see where we were driving.  We had to stop once and ask directions when the GPS took us to an open field about 2 miles from the place.

When we arrived, there were no cars at the cabin, but a whole host of cars at the small church across the highway.  We walked across to the church, pleased that we would have a great parking place when we left the reception.

Once in the church, we realized we were at a funeral, not a wedding.

OH my!  I dug out my invitation and looked at the small print at the very bottom.......6:30 pm.

We ended up heading home and coming back to the wedding later.

This is Atticus, her grandson.  He was a blur of activity all evening.  I'll bet he passed out cold that night!

The wedding was beautiful and the reception rocked!  We danced and ate and danced some more!  I am so happy for Theresa, I think this one might actually stick!

And it was a do in attendance!  Mine wanted to know where their invitation went off to........


  1. Haha taking things into your own hands. Jay might hire you if you're not careful.

  2. A little bit of fun and very normal life! Please more days like this and fewer days of turmoil for you. It is so hard to watch the aftermath tear at your life and so hard to know that if people weren't so greedy it could be easier. Listening to what was going on this weekend including sleeping in your house indicates there may be a light at the end of this rebuild.

  3. Glad you got out and had some well deserved fun! Is that the Instapot I've heard so much about? I hear it's great. You can brown stuff in it and then either pressure cook or slow cook. You can make yogurt. Gets great reviews. Google recipes. There are tons

  4. Since I live on a winding two Lane road, I know that feeling of not knowing where you are when GPS is obviously wrong. It would have been hard to return home and leave again but I am so glad you did since you had such fun. Good for you!


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