Monday, December 12, 2016

The Official Cost of the FEMA Trailers

i had estimated $90,000 but the real thing is even better.  This was our headlines this morning.  We have a lot of houses out there that cost $130,000....... so what's the deal?

Worse yet, me and my neighbors are fighting insurance companies we have PAID premiums to for 30+++ years.  Many will not get $130,000 as a settlement.

Do you think I am just whining now?


  1. No you are not whining - you are stating the facts! $23,298 in administrative costs? Sounds like government freeloaders.

  2. That is fraud! Keep sending out the word until someone hears.

  3. Ridiculous! I'm hoping trump will change some of this type of thing

  4. Good Grief. No wonder much of the country is upset about government.

  5. And do you remember how those trailers worked out after Katrina? How can the government keep doing this over and over again?


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