Saturday, January 28, 2017

I Felt Kinda Let Down

The painters showed up but the Twins didn't.  It was the Twins I really needed, too.  They were to put in the door that the painters needed to paint and the alarm company has to alarm.  We were all frustrated, the painters and I.......

.........and Jay once I sent him a text after noon wondering where the Twins were.  I distinctly got the impression that he thought they would be putting in my door by then........

Ah well, come to my house and do my work or get ratted out to your boss.

Frank told me the guy Ron who lent us his storage trailer, is looking to have it back in two weeks. He has a race and needs to transport his Equipment.  So today I began to take boxes out of the trailer and empty them.  I really have very few places for these thing so go right now.  No furniture, painter stuff still strewn through the house and no closets have any shelves!

I cleaned out my yellow lawyers bookcase  I use as a pantry to store some dishes and things in like the coveted wine glasses.

 I have been running dishes, plates, cups saucers, wine glasses (now I can be classy lassy as I drink my $2.97 box of red wine!) through the new dishwasher.  OMG!  Do these new dishwashers take that long in real life?  It took three hours on a NORMAL setting!

There were a few things in the third box I have been looking for.  My Wustof knives.  And a knife sharpener!

 If you think this is the easy part, you would be mistaken.  It is as emotional coming out of that
box as it was going in.  I can tell you I had a bad time.....and it was just my kitchen stuff.  Sigh...

News today, my cross the street neighbor.  The one who shouted out her window that Carrie had someone coming to save us all.  Her husband Greg is a big marathon jogger,  he runs all the time.  He was running at the LSU lakes on Wednesday ....  fell....shattered his bone in two places.  The bone grabbed his muscle and twisted it inside the space where the bone should have been. and the head of the femur broke in two pieces.  Surgery was four hours.  My knee was only 45 minutes.  Wow.

They are still living with friends but their house is about three weeks from being done. I guess Greg won't be moving much stuff this time around!

But hey, Suzette and Charlene ~~~~~πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€  hear this!  You have a toilet now that can flush 14 golf balls.  The twins wanted to try it out..........


  1. Hmmm let me find my box of golf balls....

  2. And I have my blow up bed ready to move in soon as you get shelves in the closets. We will have a right down good time camping in your house complete with "wild animals" and crazy witch women. I am chomping at the bit waiting.

  3. Besides I want to meet these amaking twins.

  4. The twins better have one heck of an excuse - maybe as good as Greg's will be. Actually I don't wish them bad thins so that sounded funnier in my mind than when I typed it. kinda gruesome, but I left it anyway.

  5. How did your yellow cabinet make it thru the flood? I am sure glad it did - it is so cool! I don't understand why the EPA would want it to take 3 1/2 hours to do a load of dishes! What's it to them? I put in a new dishwasher for a reappraisal of my house and have never used it. I do all my dishes by hand because I have never used a dishwasher before and I grew up hand washing them. This is one of those wacky things about me! I can see why you would want to use the dishwasher to sanitize your kitchen items!


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