Friday, January 13, 2017

Let me count the ways........

......the ways that work progressed today!

Lots of pictures!

The dogs got sent off to the vet for baths.  A day at the spa.  I would welcome one myself!

Cox Cable came today and set up theses amazing contour boxes that you speak into to go to the channel.  Or you can say "Dr. Phil" and it takes you directly to Dr. Phil!  Oh, it is like I am in the 21st century!

Hunter and Frank worked all day.  They put up the fan in Frank's office, put up the lights on my front porch and door knobs on the rest of the doors.

The Twins worked on finishing the tile in the shower and getting it ready for the grout on Monday.  They also dug up the really bad looking job the original tile people did when they put transitions between the rooms.  Where we took out the wall in the kitchen, pavers needed to be added, they did that too.

And best of all.......

The granite came! is beautiful.  In the beginning when Carrie ordered the Absolute Black counters, I was not really sold on the deep black.  If you remember, I did spend two weekends looking at the four stone yards for something different than black.  When I saw the black granite in place, I was overwhelmed!  It is gorgeous,  elegant.  Amazing.

This is the guest bath, or Suzette's Personal Bath as we call it, before and after the stone.  This one is a mix of black and grey granite. 

Caldwell/Parks......indicates who it belongs to.  Jay Caldwell is the contractor and I am the one who paid for it.

This is the switch that was moved so the fireplace cabinets can go in next week.  there were lower cabinets and upper cabinets there before.  Now there will be a cabinet that reaches to the ceiling.  

Here is the view of the kitchen from the breakfast area.  The wires hanging down will be under cabinet lighting.  The gas range goes where the drawers are missing.  That hole just before the sink  hole will be the dishwasher.

This white marble is in the master bath.  The cabinets here are honey maple. 

those tiles lined up will be the subway tile backsplash.  they are the exact color of the aloe cabinets on the peninsula and the fireplace.  Oh and the guest bath.

TV is now ready for viewing in the house!  We don't have to stay in the camper all night now!  We can go to the house and watch TV!  That is is a newly bathed and fresh smelling Chloe  the Smelly Basset.

Fireplace cabinet lower section.  there are two sets of cabinets that go on top of the granite now. 

Here is a long view of the kitchen.  The door leads to the dining room which will now be the long arm room.  That is one of the granite guys polishing up my Absolute Black

Improved transition from hall to sewing room

This is where we took the wall down between the kitchen and the den.

Floor in the bathroom where frank broke the tiles. 

Mirrors with built in lights that will go up in the master bath.

Looking into my sewing room.  Carrie's old bedroom.  I am pretty sure she is not coming back home.  


  1. Makes your head spin, what with so much happening! So glad you LOVE your black granite kitchen counters.....I really like them but how wonderful for you to love them after being so unsure. It really feels like you're house will be a home again soon, doesn't it?

  2. hmmm, how many days since tears now? You are on the home stretch !!!

  3. It looks great. This update shows a whole lot of progress. So happy for you.

  4. Wow! Time to order the lazy boy! When are appliances coming? TV is in so you are more in! Wonderful.

  5. Yay! Yay! It's all stunning. I love the granite! Get recliners for each of you very soon and enjoy every opportunity to kick back and rest in your beautiful (almost finished) home.


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