Thursday, January 12, 2017


made especially for me!

Jay came in and saw me laying on the ground under the table.  He rushed over, are you OK?

LOL.  Yes, I am taking pictures of the underneath of the table.  It has a crawfish on it!

My first piece of furniture!



  1. Amazing - happy, happy, joy, joy! What a great day. The table is beautiful!

  2. Beautiful! Absolutely beautiful.

  3. Yummy! Oh happy day. You sounded really happy today.

  4. WHEN I get to Baton Rouge (someday) I fully expect to be able to sit down at that table with you and eat a meal we have cooked together. I can't wait.

    your pal,
    Sneaky Spice
    (Millie is the Cat)

  5. LOVE this post - the table is gorgeous and to have it personalized is beyond wonderful! Hugs, Sneaky Doodle

  6. The table is wonderful! Now that is a table that will only improve with age- kinda like you ❤❤❤

  7. Oh how I love this! You have me thinking: Richard made us a table long enough to seat all of the boys and their wives and us. This is how I'm going to document it. If quilts are important enough to document, so is a handmade table.
    But your table :-) is gorgeous. I love the detail on the legs and apron. The natural wood is beautiful!


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