Monday, February 13, 2017

Chloe's Diagnosis

Chloe is the black one nobody dares sleep with
So far this is what I know.

Stephen incised the area, opening the cyst like sac.  In it was a red jelly like substance.  He said it was not infection, just.....stuff.

He removed it, and was able to see clear to the pelvis bone.  Which was not involved, so that is good that it is not a bone or bone cancer thing.

And it was not attached to the rectum or intestines or muscles or anal sacs; it was just......there......with stuff.

So she will be ready to come home in a bit.  and he will send it off for biopsy.

He has no idea what it is.

Of course, I told him, this is a Parks' know she is strange, odd......and expensive!

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