Monday, February 13, 2017

Chloe - I vant to sleep with the owls!

She came home in the. Truck, sitting in one of her dog beds.  The Boyz don't get to do that.

And she whined the whole way home, thus preparing us for  the near future.    Once home, she willingly got out of the truck, with help.  But sluffed us off immediately once on The ground.  She wanted to poop, so we took her in the yard, held her steady while she pooped a bit here....then here....then over there. OMG Chloe just go in one spot for  a change, you are hobbling and I can't bend over that long to hold you up!

No she said and pooped in three more places bedsore laying down on the dirty ground of packed mud.  OK?

Nothing would entice he in.  Or on the dog bed I brought out.  

About 9 I looked out and she was standing up halfway down the patio looking at the back door.  Pleased that she was up and walking, I opened the door to entice her on.  She literally ran to the bed, laid flat out and whiled again.

At A9:30 I made he come in, nut she has whined for a solid hour now0:30 I made her come in.  She laid on the floor and whined while I took my shower.  She whined she we ate our snacks.  She whined while Frank slept and I sat out in the front room listening to her while trying to watch Alaska: The new frontier while I took benedryl and my sleeping pill. Now she is still whining while I am watching Jimmy Fallon.  She is about to lose me, I took a sleeping pill and am fighting to keep awake.  I don't even mind her unhappy sounds.

There is nothing she wants to eat, or drink.  She has pooped and peed.  She was out listening to the owls, and may want to do that,again.  They are very close tonight.  I can hear them over the TV.  Maybe they think she is wounded prey and they smell her blood.

Ah, she just let out a big sigh.......maybe she will sleep.  Nope, false alarm.  She is whining again.

Oh well, I am going back to bed.

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  1. Sending hugs for you and Chloe. There's nothing easy worrying about a beloved pet.

  2. I hope Chloe is ok, but maybe you should have giver her the sleeping pill instead of you taking it! I remember when I was a kid we had a cocker spaniel that would throw up if it got near a car. We were going to visit Grandma and Grandpa who lived north of Chicago and we lived in Fort Wayne Indiana. My Dad asked the vet what to do and he gave my Dad some pill that would knock the dog out. My Dad then asked if he could give these to the kids that were pukers. The vet said a half of pill would do and it was the best puke free trip ever! I was not one who puked.

  3. Definitely sore and angry. She only whines for an audience. But she can't tell you what is wrong so she uses the general whining to make you as miserable as she is. Hope you got some sleep last night.


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