Friday, February 24, 2017

This Desk is NOT Going to Beat Me!

So Frank finally decided on the desk he wanted for his office.  I  thought he would  buy an expensive desk like he had before, all doodadded up and fancy.   But instead he wanted a cheap one from Office Depot that came in a box.

Of course they were out of them when he went in, but was more than willing to order online.  Doing so actually saved me 20%  anyway because on the receipt of the pencils I purchased there was a coupon.  Yay for Coupons!  Cheap desk even cheaper!

It arrived after two days, delivered by an affable fellow who said our house was beautiful.  He said it is so sad delivering things these days to houses that are barely even started.

I had the bright idea that I would put the desk together before Frank came home.  Surprise him, you understand.

The man has no joy or emotion in his life, so I try to surprise him when I can.  Like with the snake on the patio.  That will really get your emotions flowing.  I figured the desk would do the same thing.

I got it opened and spread out across the room.  The hardware for each step was conveniently packaged in separate units for each of the 10 steps.

I closed the dogs in the room with me so they would not "do" anything to any part of the house that I couldn't see.  Destroying wise, they don't poop or pee in the house, just destroy it.  Well, McGee does, DiNozzo is pretty much perfect.

I got to where the top goes on.  I struggled with it until I realized that it was backwards.  So I took it off and tuned it around.  It screwed on nicely.

That was when I realized I put 4 of the bottom pieces on facing backwards.

You don't want to know what I said next.

Ultimately, when I was one drawer shy of done, Frank came home.  I would have made it had I not had to re-engineer the whole stupid thing.

He was mildly impressed. 


  1. you are my hero for sure!

  2. Way to go! I always tend to install something backwards when assembling things . . . and yes, I say "bad werds" (Millie speak) when that happens.

  3. "Mildly impressed"-- how funny! Great finish! And if you didn't put something on backwards, the designers would be very disappointed. They worked hard to make those instructions vague and confusing.

  4. Hooray for mildly impressed. As much as you guys have been through I am happy he didn't cry because it wasn't finished. It's the little things in life that confound you most.

  5. Maybe you should have put a snake in one of the drawers. Perhaps you'd have better adjectives to use next to "impressed." Love, BTW, the "mildly impressed" oxymoron.


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