Monday, February 20, 2017

Tour de House - Bedroom

Frank is working on putting screws into the butcher block in the kitchen.  It was very loose and would move if you pushed on it.  So it needed stabilization.  He wanted to put only two L-Brackets in, but I wanted four for safety reasons. So he is working on the last two now.  Of course!

After spending much time and gasoline in the last few weeks running around the city and walking around furniture stores, I decided on one set from each of 4 stores.  Online yesterday, I compared each set at Bassett with Ethan Allen and Pottery Barn with Olindes.

Then I put each set into a cart and checked out to the point of getting the delivery dates but not quite having to pay for them.

Bassett won!  (would you have thought otherwise?  LOL)

And when I went to the store to order, the shipping went down to $49 to flooded areas.  And in addition to the already discounted online price for President's Day, I got an additional percentage for being in a flood area.  Finally, something good about the flood!

So in 2 to 4 weeks I will have a chest of drawers and a bureau in my bedroom.

Best of all I will be able to put things away in drawers, like my drawers!  And put things on top of something.  That will be a treat.

 Back to the bedroom.

This is a Kleenex box that obviously dissed McGee in some way.  

I bought a fancy high-tech dog gate for the door.  I was done with the heavy white plastic gate that never hooked into the doorway and fell either on me or a dog.  This one attaches to the door using some sort of cup system and a single screw.  Maybe McGee will not be able to figure out how to open it!

This is where the bureau will go.  That is the TV an the door to the back yard.  The left side is going into the bathroom.  The room is littered with dog beds.  I bought three more beds so I didn't have to lug them back and forth from the front room to the back. 

This is where the chest of drawers will go.  That is the door to the hallway and the dog gate.

 This is the door to the bathroom and the door to the closet.  It shows the weird little inset that held a chest of drawers pre-flood.  I will search for the perfect piece to put into it.  It is out there....somewhere!   You may not be able to see them, but there are two modern lights in there as well.  They are a nice

And this is Frank's office at the present time!  He has some sort of elaborate filing system, I guess.  It looks pretty messy to me.  

In the last few months, Frank has had some really bad episodes of fighting at night in his sleep.  He lacks enough of the enzyme that paralyzes you as you sleep and dream, so he acts out his dreams.  And they are pretty wild.  One night he was fighting off a herd of kangaroos.

Last night he was dealing with elephants who were attacking and he was beating them with my teak shower bench!  He was yelling Elephants! Elephants! and freaking out the dogs!  So I had to move the beds apart since sometimes he hits or kicks me in the process of fighting all those animals.  I still get rattled by the screaming though.  It is no wonder I have panic attacks........

See my quilt?  That was a surprise from the ladies from the Secret Society of Barn Builders!  And I love it!

(Sorry, you can see my clean clothes waiting to be folded on Frank's bed.)


  1. You know Ray is a sleep walker/talker but ever since I took him to accupuncture he rarely walks now. I wonder if it could help Frank.

  2. I spotted that quilt right away -- and not to worry about those clothes waiting to be folded.

  3. The house is coming together little by little. I wonder why Frank is always fighting animals in his dreams? I can't imagine how hard it would be to go back to sleep after all that ruckus!


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