Sunday, February 19, 2017

See Some CAAWS Mystic Kreme of Mutts photos

there were dogs.....
A cat on a leash.....
Miniature horses......,
A couple of fainting goats.......they didn't go too far between faints!
Rabbits on leashes.........
A pot bellied pig
And lots of dogs.

CLick Here for the Newspaper article


  1. Love the pictures. A god time for a good cause or CAAWS.

  2. All Paws on Deck, Louisiana Strong - what a great theme for the pet parade! I can imagine it was a very healing parade.....acknowledging the event and celebrating your strength. Thanks for providing the link, I enjoyed looking at the pictures and reading the article.

  3. Interesting article. The parade is a good way for families to enjoy the day and include everyone! So glad to see that CAAWS is continuing to provide some of its services.


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