Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Whoooooo Hoooooooo!

Guess what the Twins brought today?????????

My huge gigantic amazing cutting table!

And the thistle is putting out more flowers.  A bee was busy pollinating it so I could get some in my own yard.  While I was busy coveting and taking illicit photos of my neighbors weed, he drove up!  And laughed at me..........and made some comments about getting royalties for the photos.

See how tall it is, nearly waist high on Frank.  Of course it towers over the bassets.......And there are gratuitous crotch photos hidden in amongst the thistles........both human and canine obviously.


  1. As I read the title I wondered what could be sooooo exciting - love the cutting table. The thistle not as much.

  2. Wow! Seriously love your cutting table. Good to see that the twins are still coming round.

    I'm telling you that very same thistle is going to make you cry. Don't look at the pretty till you count the seeds. (That's a free Maryism.)

  3. Awesome cutting table with storage beneath. Thistles are cool from a distance ...

  4. I recently went to a talk on Weed Identification and Management and the expert shared how she had made a deal with her neighbor--she's allowed to take photos of weeds in their yard if she pulls them out afterwards ... that Thistle is only a weed if you decide it's undesirable ...

  5. That cutting table is fabulous! The shelf underneath for storage is wonderful too! Start cutting something!

    The thistle is pretty, but they are the scourge of my yard. My neighbor's have thousands of thistles that spew their seeds and I spend time trying to keep with killing all the spouts in my flower beds.


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