Wednesday, March 8, 2017

All that fanfare yesterday....

....and no Twins today.  Geez.

But I did score some storage containers at half price from Michael's.

In other news, still no sofa or chairs.

Today I made yogurt in the Instant Pot and pulled pork in the slow cooker.  Both were gifted to me by quilty friends through the Camper-From-Hell period.  I would hook the instant pot up in corner of the carport.  And plug the crock pot in in a corner of the kitchen before the cabinets came in!

Now they sit proudly on my kitchen counter!

Sooooo much better!

I know, thistle is bad.......but I still love it! 


  1. Talk about bad - where are the twins. No call? They really have worked their own schedule.

  2. Cooking in the kitchen - what a concept (big happy grin).

  3. Thistle is bad, but you're allowed to enjoy it all you want.

    Oh how nice to have a place of honor for those pots that helped in saving your sanity. And yogurt? How in the world? And why? Just buy some Yoplait and call it a day. (Horrid rhyme--I know)


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