Tuesday, April 11, 2017

A Good Question

I know the prep is not pleasant, but it was not really that bad either.  Like Carol says, Lemon Lime Gatorade makes the big difference!

Got a good report, no polyps and the next one is scheduled in 10 years.  I woke up half way through, and they were talking about the weather.  They just put me back out, but before I heard whether it would rain tomorrow or not!

Frank took me to Another Broken Egg for blueberry lemon pancakes with a side of two eggs and homemade sausage.  Can't beat that with a stick!

I spent the afternoon buying 5 x 5 foot canvases for Carrie.  For 70% off.  A huge savings.  She loves the big canvasses so I got her two 3 x 5 foot ones and a 4 x 4 foot one  as well.  No idea what will be created but they took up the whole bed of the truck.  I expected it to fly out at any moment; gone with the wind.

But they made it to her house.

I didn't get to do any work in the quilt room.  Frank brought out another  box, this one had a lot of things that Mari sent me.  She hoped it would spur me to be able to work on some stuff, but  I was just drained and lost at that time.

Kathleen the Quilting Professor asked me a very good question.  When will I change the picture on the Blog Header?  Actually, I had been tossing around that very thought in my head.

I think I will take a photo of the house now, and put it next to the flooded picture.  A transition, of sorts.  And my first new piece will take the place of that photo duo.

How's that?


  1. Transition but also moving forward -- brunch sounds like it was really good.

  2. I always feel awful after a colonoscopy. I envy your breakfast out and then getting stuff done afterwards. Can't wait until I see the new picture and you tell us what it means to your life. It has been such a long and arduous journey that you have shared parts of with us, but now your journey is improving since your life is reaching a new normal that you seem to find comfort in. It has been fun these last few weeks watching the quilt shows, the joy at the finishes in your house and the everyday stuff with little or no drama.

  3. Very happy your "procedure" went well, but yes, it drains everything out of you. I've found that it takes a day or so to recoup. One day down and two days to get back up seems pretty unfair.
    I like your idea for the new header. You are transitioning, no reason to keep the blog header behind the times. I'm sure everyone is with me...anxiously awaiting your first piece after all the drama and heartache. But take your time and enjoy the process. You deserve all the time you need.
    Your canvas coup sounds interesting. You need to show us what Carrie does with them. The sizes along make me curious.

  4. You have ever another transition coming soon - becoming a Grandmother! The flood brought lots of pain but remember it also brought a wonderful surprise. Have you started collecting baby items for your house yet?


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