Monday, April 10, 2017

Quilt Studio, Quilt Challenge

Nears completion.  Geez.

 It takes a long time for paint to dry, ya know?

I want to get in there but there are still a number of things that need to happen.  Like I need to get a chair.  That may happen Wednesday.

 Or maybe tomorrow afternoon.  I have a colonoscopy in the morning.  Frank's is next week.  I really have no problem with the procedure but Frank is like the proverbial Princess and the Pea. He is a real pain in the You-Know-What.  He is already obsessively reading the instructions several times a day and has already called me twice to see if I am OK and I haven't even started drinking that stuff yet.

I hung some of my paintings and photographs.  I want to leave a lot of walls open for my fiber art.  I am talking to two artists who will be doing three of my dogs portraits, filling in the spaces on the foyer wall.  I love the way it looks.  What a beautiful way to remember my sweet babies.

The top middle is a watercolor of Bonnie Doon by Carol Creel. She is an amazing artist who exhibits nationally.  I need to get it framed.  All these years it sat on my mantle, but now I have no mantle!  Her husband Remus worked with Frank for many years.  Otherwise I would never have been able to have her do the portrait of Bonnie Doon.  

Right now I am watching My 600 Lb Life......and decided I need to go on a diet!  I can't even imagine what these people go through. 

I need some baskets to hold the things that are McGee level.  He already goes in and "chooses", as we say.I guess I need to choose a color or style and just go for it.

 People are so creative.

The River City Guild had an Ugly Fat Quarter Challenge.  Thursday was the big reveal.  Participants brought what they considered to e an ugly fabric fat quarter.  Bags were distributed and they had to create a quilt or quilt top around that ugly piece.

 I love those owls!  If you look closely you cn see they are Drunkard's Path blocks creatively set.

The challenge winner was the black one on the right. 

Only one person actually thought their random piece was ugly!  But isn't that how it goes, one man's trash is another's treasure!


  1. I found that mixing it with lemon lime Gatorade, I didn't even taste it. They have come along way with the taste of the stuff. And maybe I'm not as full of shit as I thought because I didn't really even have to go all that much. I had heard horror stories about that but it was really a breeze. Good luck keeping Frank under control ;-)

  2. By now you've had your colonscopy and, hopefully, are fully recovered. Here's my colonscopy story. Enjoy. I arrived in the room completely naked except for that ridiculous gown, which was draped over me; then told to move over or roll over or something over. Naturally I didn't understand what-over, so I moved and turned and got tangled in the gown. Now I can't move or turn (damn tables are too small for all that) and I hear, "Mrs. Marcotte is that you?" A former student (a radiology tech) looking square at my naked toosh recognized me. Not my finest moment...turns out my asking for help because of the something-over misunderstanding gave him a chance to recognize my voice and my hindside had nothing to do with the recognition. He explained that while, thankfully, I was being gassed so I can't remember whether I laughed or cried or just died.

  3. I watch the show all the time - 600 pound life - and I am amazed how some of them are still alive. The stress on the body has to be enormous.


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