Sunday, April 16, 2017

I'll Tell You Mine, If You Tell Me Yours.....

Ok, I will admit it.  I made a really stupid mistake.  I definitely should have known better, too.

Frank is like, rolling in glory gloating right now......I did just admit I made a mistake, right?

And I ended up with a broken toe.  And yes, it hurts, thank you very much.

Everyone has a story. and here is mine.....

I put up my design wall in the quilt room.  First we nailed up the sheets of 8 x 4 foot foam insulation boards. Then I rolled out some batting and cut it too short.......that was a mistake, but not the one I am admitting to in this post.

I bought some spray glue and started at the top of the 8 foot sheets of foam board.  I worked my way down to the floor, smoothing the batting as I sprayed.

It was working well, until I sat on the floor and tried to move the ruler.  It was glued to the floor.

Oh oh.  Damned overspray.

And when I sat on  the floor, my shoe was glued to the floor. And, consequently, I bent my toe back (or forward) and doing the aforementioned damage.

I was very concerned about gluing my body parts to the floor as well.  And to each other.  I would imagine it would be quite funny to go to the emergency room to x-ray your broken foot with a design wall, a ruler and several ceramic tiles glued to your nether regions.......

Just sayin'

So tell me your favorite mistake, ER visit or glue mishap.  I want to feel like I am in good company....


  1. Went to open a wooden window, it was tight, so to get more heft, pushed wrist tighter against frame...broke glass..cut wrist , when you walk into an emergency room with a towel around wrist and say it went through a window people jump quick!

  2. Glen, Glen, Glen what can I say. That is a heck of a bruised foot you have there along with the broken toe. I would have suggested to wrap the panels first and then nail them to the wall that way you could take them outside to spray them. I taped mine so if I ever need to change the covering I could. How on earth are you going to get the glue off the floor?

  3. I was feeling all healthy and clever, doing some curls with a little 8 lb weight while sitting at my desk on a conference call. Had to use my hand, so I set the weight on the floor next to my bare foot. Later, when spinning around in my office chair to get up my pinky toe caught the weight and snap, I had a foot that looked much like yours.

  4. At work during lunch recess, of course, I was walking on a perfectly level tiled floor and fell, blat, right on my face. Scrapped the tip of my nose and gave myself two black eyes. Uh, hello, hands! arms! Completely unaware they made NO effort to help me. How does your body not know what your body is doing?

    The nose was not broken but it hurt like heck to laugh and, really, there were reasons to laugh. I got to go home early. And now the good news is that I wasn't glued to the floor!


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