Sunday, April 2, 2017

Nature Finds

I was at Carrie's on Sunday picking her up for the shower and spied this out in her backyard.

There is a horse farm bordering her property and I figure this might not be a welcome plant over there.

The bee hive I found on our walk this morning with the bassets.   It must have fallen out of the tall pine tree in a neighbors yard. No one stores their honey in there anymore.

These other beauties were some of the few things still growing in her garden.  She has so little time anymore.  I definitely see an art quilt in these gorgeous amaryllis.

If I were a good mother, I would go over there and clean up her vegetable garden for her.  But her husband should be helping out with that chore.


  1. Amaryllis are such bold, beautiful flowers. I have a red one that has survived without care for several years. (Imagine what it could do if someone gave it a drop of Miracle Grow.) Carrie's are gorgeous.

    Do you suppose the horse farm pushed the thistle off their land and Carrie's yard won the weed?

  2. The amaryllis grow outside in the yard? They are so beautiful!


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