Thursday, March 30, 2017

Quilt show!

more quilts from the "clean" pile!  LOL

click on the links in each one if you want to see more about the quilts.

This was the product of a Cotton Theory Class I took years ago from Betty Cotton.  Don't you know she has a great name for a quilter!

  It is a Quilt As You Go piece and talk about heavy!  once I got the hang of the way she turned the edges down on each row it was pretty easy.  

The quilt has two sides, a dark side and a light side.....well.....dark and light is relative, keep in mind.  It is pretty large as well, that is a 6 1/2 foot fence. 

This was a Merry Mayhem New Year's Mystery Quilt by Merry May.  Another great name for a quilter!

Merry does a mystery for us every New Year's day while the men are watching football.  She doles out clues every hour and gives out prizes for those who are keeping up.  A lot of fun.

The fabric is dogs, and I went all out on the back, throwing all I had into it.  This one is even larger than the Cotton Theory one.

And who can resist a basset in sunglasses.......

I did this one before I had THREE!

I do the Cotton Robin every year  where you send in a center block.  It passes around to 3 others and they add two rounds and then quilts, embellishes and binds the whole thing up.  It is an international group from US, New Zealand, Australia, England and Germany.  This year we have 24 participants. 

These are the blocks that were turned  in this time.  Seems like there is a pattern going on in some minds!

I also do a Modern Robin in my local Modern Group.  I remember one year when Sophie sent one block around the Cotton Robin circuit and kept one to work on herself.  She created a great post comparing the two.

Last year I took a page from her book and sent one to the Cotton Robin people and one to the Modern Robin people.

You can certainly tell which one is which!  I love the way both of them turned out.  Very different interpretations. 

I wanted to do it again this year, but the flood took charge of my ability to even do a block.  Julie graciously volunteered to make me a block for the Cotton Robin, so I do have skin in that game, as they say. 

But no one thought about that for the Modern Group.  It is the first time I won't have a part in the one I created in the group.  Sigh..........


  1. I am so glad that you were able to save so many of your quilts with the help of friends. Each one has a memory attached to it and I appreciate you telling the story behind them. Hope everything is going well. Has Frank gotten use to the new sofa?

  2. Have you changed your phone number? I've texted and called you. When I call I just got a beep sound


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