Sunday, April 23, 2017

Soon You Will Have Quilting Photos Again!

Can you believe it is 47 degrees right now?  Huh?  Very cool night.  Loving it, it will be too hot soon enough!

I spent Friday with Carrie.  The last time I will get the chance to spend it solely with her and have her full attention.  It was a gift to do so.  She is always working, so busy with friends and Andrew's family, I have precious little time my daughter, my only child.

We had our toes done and did some design work at my house.  The house is in the final stages off finishing.

Like, how many patterns can you lay upon each other in a room?  Or, how big should the rug be, if there is to be a rug even.  Or even, what? you can't have two floor lamps in one room?  Who knew?

She has been having the practice contractions.  So it won't be long now, Wednesday at the latest.

Saturday Frank and I spent time working in the yard.  The sod David laid is growing like mad!  It looks so good the neighbor across the street called him to lay sod in their dead zone.

I am rewarded with an agapanthas bud.  My first!

Finally I was able to get a good photo of the front of the house.  Looks much better than the one in the header!  Now i need to put the two together.

Today, friends cam over for Slow Roasted Boston Butt and Duck Commander wine! 

I spend several hours each day putting stuff away, folding fabrics, finding places for things.  opening boxes and finding stuff I have and stuff I don't have anymore.

And looking for stuff I just put away and now can't find again!

This box came from Wayfair and contained the bedside table for my side.

And on top of it is a pile of Zentangle books.  Thanks to Julie "the Barn Lady" I have been enjoying the Zen of drawing at night.  A while back she sent me some color pens and some books to draw in.  It really is  a very relaxing thing to do.  If you are stressed, try some zendoodling!

And you will be pleased to know.........I am really wanting to get in the sewing room.  I am now navigating the time problem!


  1. "And you will be pleased to know.........I am really wanting to get in the sewing room. I am now navigating the time problem!" Happy, happy words indeed!

    The best to Carrie and Andrew and the new tyke. Uh, practice contractions??? What a giggle.
    I know you must be thrilled there's going to be a grandie, but it had to be wonderful to spend a day with Carrie. And just'll have pretty toes while you're at the hospital with her. I hope you're tempted to wear sandals.

  2. Some of the people that can't get over situations like this need to read your blog over the last year and see that you were leading a normal life then suddenly a flood happened both literally and emotionally. You had very dark days then slowly you took control. You have pulled your life together and recovered your life in a fashion I admire. Frank, Carrie and your quilty friends have helped, but this is a solitary journey. You did it. I am sure there are still times when overwhelming sadness occurs over something lost, but you seem to realize how much more you have and that your life continues in spite of being different. Can't wait for the quilting pictures!

  3. Glad the house is just about done. I on the other hand now have the money to finish my house. I bought paintable wallpaper for my bedroom so I will install that and get it painted. The trim and doors need another coat of paint too, but then that room will be ready for getting the floors sanded once I move out all the furniture. I have more painting for the upstairs before the floors can be done. I am trying to take it one step at a time, but there is a lot to do.

  4. I spend lots of time hunting things that I put up so I wouldn't forget!!!


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