Friday, April 21, 2017

Quilt Show!

By now, you know me well enough to know I lie...a lot.  I will say, tomorrow I willl have a quilt show and I don't.  But you love me and know that the show is coming soon, right?

Yes, you do.

Here is the show, a bit late, but here they are.

These are the ones that came with Charlene last week when she and Stelly dropped by on their way home to Lafayette.

 When I was pregnant for Carrie I made this cute unicorn panel into a soft quilt for her.  It is 32 years old!  Carrie carried it everywhere with her.  So it was well used and obviously very sturdy!

After Carrie was born, Frank's mother sent this.  She had said that Parks men could not produce girl children so she refused to believe this child was his.  She even sent this to Frank to prove his child would have been a boy.

Yep, evil mother in law all the way.

 However, if the baby's name is Sawyer after Tom Sawyer who lived on the Mississippi  River, then it might be prophetic to have the blue Huckleberry quilt. 

I made two of these quilts.  One was raffled off benefiting CAAWS.  They were made like in 2003.  It sold for more than $700!

 I did some creative quilting in the off blocks. 

There is a Boo!

A couple have spider webs and there are two ghosts!

I will throw in the Tree Skirt between the Halloween Quilts.  I made it about two years ago.  Simple but you put presents all over it anyway!  Right?

Here is another Halloween quilt called Jack and Gourdy Throw A
Party. It is a Buggy Barn pattern.  If you are familiar with Buggy Barn, they lay multiple layers of fabrics and then slice the heck out of them.  You then rotate layers in specific ways to get the variety of blocks.

Not for those who need exactness and structure!

It was the first time I wrote words when I did the quilting.  Boo!

 At the Remember Me Quilt meeting this week the program was about Stack N Whack blocks.

This is one that I did when my mom was about half way into Alzheimer's Disease.   She would sew and I would put the block together and pin them for her.

She was a dressmaker/couture so she loved to sew.  We did this until she no longer recognized the machine controls.

This was the last quilt we made together.

I quilted it using a large leaf motif.

One of the blogs  I follow teaches the slab technique for making block elements.  I wanted to try it.  But this Tree Farm Quilt surfaced in the bottom of the pile!

I did this one in 2012.  My green fabric pile is the largest pile once again, so I guess I need more tree quilts!

I made this one two years ago for Carrie.  Not sure she liked it though.   Very modern, I quilted it was elephants, one of her favorite animals.

I bought a toy basket with an elephant on it so i will package this quilt up in that box and give it to her at the hospital.

That way she will HAVE to say she likes it.....

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  1. Some nice quilts you have there, every one filled with memories and love. Maybe your mother-in-law thought she would determine the sex of the baby with a quilt. I guess it doesn't matter now, but it's funny how everything turned out with that quilt.
    I never heard of making a person like a quilt, but you may be on to something. Let us know how it works out.


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