Friday, May 5, 2017

Cotton Robin and Testosterone

i need to get this out by Saturday.  It is finally coming together.  The one I have now is really traditional so it was hard for me to not think "improvisational".

I can't show you what it is, but I can give you this tease!

I started a diet this week and have lost 5.4 lbs since Monday.  A good start.  I can't really do a lot of exercise, but I did hit 10,000 steps about 5 pm today.  After another week I will go back to trying to hit 15,000 plus steps.

Baby and Papa
I did go see the baby Sawyer today.  Frank met me there and got to feed the boy.  He put the baby in the rocker and turned on the crickets and frog sounds in a babbling brook.  And fell asleep himself!

While I was heading home I called my friend Renee to check on their daughter, Caroline. Caroline and Carrie grew up together from about a year old.  And they were originally given the same due date of May 8.  Caroline had a C-Section this morning.

Renee has a new grandson Michael Everett, named after his grandfather.  Everett was 8 lbs 4 oz. Older brother William was not so sure about the new guy in town!  When he was born 2 years ago I made William a football quilt, so I will have to make Everett a baseball quilt!

Frank and Sawyer
This afternoon I ran into my friend Julie, who told me they were leaving Saturday to meet their new grand babies arriving on Tuesday.  Twins!  Girl and boy.  And they were expected to be 7 lbs and 9 lbs respectively!  Can you imagine having 16 lbs of babies inside you?

So many big babies!

And did you know that the births of boys will outpace girls and then it will switch over time.  Statistically, when there are more boy births, there are tremendous upheavals in the world like wars and such.  Interesting, huh?

And remember that I have made 16 baby quilts friends over the last few years who have had babies?  All but 2 were boys. 

All that testosterone.


  1. Gosh I'm doing good to get 5k steps a day! Impressive. Oh yeah you walk Bassett. Guess I need to walk the Duke

  2. Sawyer's swing is a "magic swing" like Connor has -- Mr. Marvelous has loved his from day one and still naps in it when he is home on the weekends. Otherwise, he now loves to play underneath it and interrupt its back and forth motion with his hands and feet. Enjoy these days!

  3. You sure are keeping busy! Good going with the diet and the steps.

  4. And boy quilts are difficult since they don't make a lot of boy friendly fabrics. Solids to the rescue.

  5. That photo Frank and the baby is priceless! I started tracking my steps and 10,000 is hard! I thought I was pretty active but apparently not. You go girl!

  6. You know, that testosterone stuff is something else. I know, having raised three boys. We had war around here a few times and that's what I blamed--that testosterone stuff!

    Frank knows how to nap...funny the baby is awake though.


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