Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Guess Who's Home!

I planned on spending the afternoon clearing off the desk area in my sewing room. But Carrie called and needed to see a doctor because she is having middle ear balance issues.  I spent the afternoon at the doctor with her.

Charlene is heading in on Thursday for a quilt meeting.  I need my space cleared off. We planned on testing her machine that refuses to work in Lafayette.  Every time she picks it up from Alex the repair guy it runs at his shop.  When she gets it home to Lafayette, it doesn't!

Frank dropped my Husqvarna machine to Alex this afternoon.  It may have taken on water in the flood.  It was on my sewing desk on the drop down.  I didn't think the water got that high.  Heck, I didn't think ANY water would ever get that high.  And I am not sure it it got water or not.  He will open it and clean it and maybe just re oiling it will make it run like a charm!

I really do like that machine too.

Frank and I brought Chloe home around 5:30 pm.  She walked out on her own, ,trotted to the grass where she peed like a horse and pooped like a donkey!

Then she climbed the ramp int Frank's truck and laid down for the ride home.

The vet just shook his head, She is an amazing dog. He kept repeating that over and over.

All this is extra time with her.  Bought time.  She wants to spend it helping people who have never met her get some Chloe petting time in.    If she were able to talk  she would certainly become a motivational speaker

I never in my wildest dreams thought I would be bringing home a live dog today.   I guess she is pretty amazing.

And before you think I am one of those people who would buy a balloon for her dog coming home from the hospital.....you are not correct.  That is a.Mothers Day balloon..........really


  1. This is fantastic news. I know the time will be short, but I hope you all can get to say goodbye and appreciate all the wonders a dog's love can add to life.

  2. Such a sweet face. You are giving her all you have to give. You will never wonder if you did enough. You are.

  3. What a busy day you had. Good to hear Chloe is doing well for now. Hope Carrie's ear clears up.

  4. I'm smiling with you and Chloe and the happy homecoming.

  5. She deserves a balloon and so do you!!! Glad Chloe is home and making more memories for you and others!

  6. Chloe the magnificent! She deserves a bundle ofor balloons as do you for sticking by her


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