Thursday, May 18, 2017

Two Baby Quilts

I have a good friend who live around the corner in one of the few houses in my area that did not flood.  She has a gorgeous golden retriever who Chloe seems to think is very handsome.  She flirts with him all the time!

 She was amazing, bringing us food at lunchtime for weeks while we worked on the house.

Big plates of spaghetti and meatballs, sandwiches and even chicken and dumplings one day.  And it was enough to feed several neighbors.

The week after we had Sawyer they were traveling to Virginia to be at the birth of their first grand babies.  Yes, grandbabies!  Twins.  A boy and a girl.

So I want to make a pair of quick quilts for her to send them.

Last night I pulled some pink roses and some blue rain boots.

And I have this line of weird dog portraits, cat and yarn, beads and antique sofas. Whaaa?

Really strange but I kinda like it. I can split it up in mauve/grey and brown/grey and make two matching weird quilts!

And I poured through the saved quilts in Pinterest and on blogs I follow.

So far I have not settled upon one pattern.  I am leaning toward either a zig zag ( where a common grey zig zag will tie the two quilts together) or a more modern Trey Slash block.  I think it will be easier to quilt the Trey Slash quilts, and that is what I am going for at this point.  But if I do the mauve/brown/grey the zig zag will be the better choice.

I will decide today.  And start working!

Chloe is doing amazing.  She I an expert at finding pills inside anything I give to have.  And she clamps down her teeth an does this menacing growl thing so I can't toss it down her throat.  She is a trip!

OK!  I guess you won't need that pain pill today, huh?


  1. Enjoy making those baby quilts -- and hugs to Chloe for being who she is!

  2. I am all about a wacky zig zag quilt! I made that Jimmy Buffett inspired one a few years ago and the fabrics were a bit wacky in color and print, but the quilt turned out fun. I am sure they will love whatever you do! I like very much the mix of prints you have!


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