Thursday, June 29, 2017

PomPoms and Triangles

My iPhone is now fixed and I am $129 lighter.  Well, maybe more than that, I happened upon a sale
at Sears and scored a black shirt with pompoms on the bottom and a pair of white leggings that are beautifully shirred up the side.  Oh yes, they make me look so skinny too!

My pantographs arrived today.  And I will chose one and start the quilting on the mountains quilt tomorrow.  Finally.  Finally.  Luckily they were wrapped in plastic and sealed, the post lady did not close the mailbox all the way and the rain got in.

I have inquiries out about a mobile dog washer, I have to admit that I can no longer bend over with my back/hip/whatever it is until it gets fixed.  I have these low riders for dogs now, you know. The Swissys were way easier to bathe, being tall and cooperative.

Sawyer spent the last two days with me and is now with his other grandmother for two days.  Spread the wealth.  I taught him to stick his tongue out! He was so proud of himself.  Me too!   I need to think of some other gross things I can teach him that will endear me to his parents hearts.

Today is Carrie's birthday and she is celebrating it with us on Sunday.  She hasn't taken my lead with the Birthday Week yet.  Such a pity, it works so well for me!

For some reason, in the order of thread from Connecting Thread that came yesterday there was a book called modern triangles.  I already ordered one of those.  How did that get in there, I have no idea!  And yes, they did charge me for it so it must have been in my cart before i put the thread in there.  Odd.  I found someone here who wanted to buy it so I don't have to go to the trouble of resending it back to them.


I took some photos of the Leaves quilt.  I think all those millions of circles were well worth it! 


  1. Beautiful quilt! I taught and am teaching grands and now greats how to get really dirty playing outside. Lee and Lilly taught them how to give wet kisses. Marie and now Bella can give Eskimo kisses when asked.

  2. Cute picture of Sawyer! The leaf quilt is fabulous!

  3. Your quilting looks great. Are those circles all free hand?

  4. Yes indeed those circles were worth it. And the tongue - Connor LOVES sticking his out and has been for months. I'm sure we'll have to unteach it at some point but it is hysterical now.


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