Thursday, June 29, 2017

I Hate the Apple Store

My screen went out on the less than 7 months old iphone.  To get it looked at, just looked at, takes a drive to the mall.  Then a wait if 20 minutes to see someone who signs you up for a 1 hour 32 minute wait.  You can't leave the store because if they call you earlier, they just put you back at the end of the line.  Then it may take another hour and a half to get the repair person to see it.


A am frustrated.  This is my experience with all the times I have been in the Apple Store.  They have money so they can be service snobs, I guess.

And the worst part is that they have no chairs.  So I am sitting on the floor in the front window rewatching it rain and wanting a cup of coffee.  And maybe lunch. For the next hour and a half......


  1. That is horrendous. Your Apple store is certainly a bitter apple.

  2. I do love I phones and have had 2 but my last phone or went to the dark side and got an Android. I simply can't justify paying $700 for a phone.

  3. I do love Iphones and have had 2 but my last phone went to the dark side and got an Android. I simply can't justify paying $700 for a phone. And the way they release a new phone but don't supply enough so everyone wants one but has to wait so you feel like you've won something when you finally get to pay your $700 and "win" by getting your purchase.

  4. Well, if there is a next time you need to get a to go lunch and a huge cup of coffee, take a lawn chair, and a project to work on. Camp out in the front window so everyone can see you waiting. Have someone take your picture and post it on your blog and anywhere else you can and tell them you are posting it. Thanks goodness last time I walked into the Apple store the greeter fixed my problem. One time I walked in the Verizon store held my phone to my ear and said in a loud voice "Can you hear me now?" You would not believe how fast I got waited on!

  5. I've been an Android person as well. Kids all have Iphones and I guess which ever you start with is what you stay with...but....I have gone with my friend to the Apple Store 45 miles away and it's no fun....hope you at least got a cup of coffee!!!


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