Saturday, July 29, 2017

Smells Like Fish

I pulled a number of blues and put them together in some improv hour glass blocks.  They are pretty straight for improv blocks, let me tell you.  If I were trying to make them straight, i couldn't have done it this well.....geez.

So I was trimming them up and working out placement when I thought, something's fishy. 

I cut fabrics and paired them, so I had an even number of them.  Each two, made two.  Combined for the second cut, again, two blocks made two blocks. Hmmmm.......

I had an even number of blocks on the design wall.

And one extra.  Just one.

Uh, huh.  So this quilt is going to be like that, huh?

I guess it just got its name......Something's Fishy.


  1. LOve the addition of the hour glass blocks.

  2. Like the mix of blues and the improv hourglass blocks.

  3. makes me smile. Keep up the improv!

  4. Great name! The blue improv blocks are great!

  5. Smart to make an extra for Magee's lunch. Looking good


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