Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Need My Head Examined

For sure.  Because when Debbie sits up there in Seattle and thinks up these amazing quilts and wants to have a quilt along.....ya just gotta do it!

Check out instagram at #improvstripesqal to see how others are coming and see if you might be interested in sewing up some scraps into an interesting quilt.

Or check out the post at The  Quilters Table

Here are my pieces.  So far.....

And today we testing the length of time a baby can cry for no reason whatsoever.  So far it is an hour and 10 minutes!  


  1. For your test on babies crying: you need to look into the phenomenon that their ability to cry is magically enhanced when on an airplane! I heard one cry (scream) for nearly 2 hours one time... they even called for a doctor, who determined it probably had gas and told the mom to hold it up and move its legs like walking......... Suddenly it stopped crying...... everyone on the plane was terrified it had died - the stewardess finally made an announcement that it was fine and had gone to sleep ! i pity the poor mama.

  2. Yes, I saw Debbie's announcement of her new far have resisted, but your blocks sure make the invitation interesting.

  3. When it gets to be that long for a baby crying I through up my hands and give in. My husband nearly got throttled when he came home after having been away at a 6 week class and after I told him not to go get our daughter when she first started crying at night and not only did he go get her he brought her to me since he needed his sleep. I worked 1.5 hours away and had gotten less sleep than him for 6 weeks. I think it is a testament to my self restraint that he is still alive. My doctor was correct in that it only took a few minutes if I didn't pay attention to her at all. Checking to see if she was okay was the end of sleeping for me.

  4. An hour and 10 minutes? Give him some time and he'll work himself up to three hours! :) Nice stripes blocks to start with.

  5. Thank goodness my son was not a crier unless he was hungry. He could be sopping wet and it didn't both him. Put him to bed and the kid slept like a rock! I did babysit when I was a kids for some family friends and their baby cried the entire 5 hours they were gone. I thought I would lose my mind. Let's just say I never babysat for them again. I like your striped blocks. I wont' be joining the project as I still have to work on my R.E.M. piece and I have no idea how instagram works.

  6. I'm loving the QAL although today has too many other things in it for me to sit and sew . . . tomorrow!


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