Thursday, August 3, 2017


Bought  kimono from Evine on TV and love it.  Put it in my closet yesterday to hang the wrinkles out.  Which didn't work, by the way.

When I put it on this morning, I realized that some of the tassels had been worked on by some dog.  One was missing and another was on the floor of the closet.  One was pulled and still hanging.

I repaired them with some of my evil mother in law's stash of DMC embroidery floss. One of the good things that came out of the relationship.

I also made a bag to put Sawyer's coordinated outfits into when she sends extra outfits to day care.  She wanted something stylish, gender neutral for the girl she plans on having next, and cute.

I ended up with an envelope closed with velcro.  Not sure if she was going to like it, I only made one.  Which was good, because the kiddo was fussy enough that I had no choice but to hold a screaming baby and walk around

with him forever......

He did like going outside and watching Papa cut the grass.  It was a really macho thing to do I guess.

But have no  fear, I will get him sewing in no time!


  1. Good luck with that sewing business!

  2. Are you waterproof lining the envelopes?

  3. DIL uses gallon size zip loc bags for Mr. Marvelous's day care extras. They like it because they can see what is inside.


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