Saturday, October 21, 2017

I found a better use for those blocks!

 I tried several things by moving the blocks around and using several different fabrics. 

Nothing seemed to be working.  I am not liking it still. 

Kinda decided to just do a plain border.  But like Julie, I don't really like square quilts.  So I need to thing about what I can put on the two ends to make it not-square.

 But I liked the blocks. 

Ahhhh......much better.  I just wasn't feeling them on the fish quilt.

This is where it is now.  50 inches wide and needs a top an bottom border. 

And I will have another top to add to the pile. Hey, Suzette, I think it is a plot to boost you way out to the front. Patty is sick, and I keep making tops.  You have all the advantage now, girlfriend! least I am using fabric!


  1. yep, good choice. Try using those yellow parts with something lower contrast - i think the yellow and the dark blue just weren't playing nicely.

  2. Love the new quilt, but what to do with the fish? I like the blue you have on the right side. Did the doxies get adopted together?

  3. MUCH better plan for the blocks. I'm not a real fishy person so IF I were to use those yellow fish pieces, I'd be tempted to line them up in 3-4 columns as the sashing strips for a chinese coins style comfort or kids quilt.

  4. Good girl! Go with your gut, always.


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