Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Gaze Upon My Beauties!

I figured you have gazed  upon my mighty Mt Fuji creation long enough and are in need of a new unbelievable sight.  Well, peoples, here it is before you.  Behold!  Shield your eyes from the beauty.

First, while at Santa CAAWS on Sunday someone brought in a dog bed as a donation.  Frank took it out of his truck since he had to go to work.  I was going to bring it to the shelter Today.  however, it has been appropriated by all the bassets.  It has been in constant use despite the fact it is really too small for any of them.  I decided to leave it for a while. It may just become a permanent part of the decor.

Here is one of the leaves I monoprinted.  I guess it is actually a monotype since the leaves kept sticking to the previous fabric and each one is unique.

I dropped the feed dogs and went at it.  The new machine needs one of those tables. I know you an get one made, if anyone knows what the name of the place is, I'd appreciate it.

 There are two sides that were printed.

Here is the back side, almost as cool as the front.
 I adhered some fusible batting Tracy gave me.  It gave the fabric the stability to handle the freemotion work.

Smile for your close up!

This is sooooo cool.  Carol of Quilted Fabric Art has done a series of white prints on darker fabric.  I thought black was the way to go, until I saw hers. WOW!

Funny, both of us cut one fabric set too small for the book we wanted to cover.  Are we not twins, or what?

Meanwhile,  I loaded this baby up on the longarm and quilted it quickly.  I just did a random squiggly lines and switchbacks.  Just something that didn't nee a lot of precision since the quilt itself is visual heavy.

If that is a word!  You understand what I mean. 

This is the piece of fabric that did fit the notebook.  Still not sure why the other one didn't fit, I must have measured incorrectly......as I am known to do sometimes.  I need to find a slightly smaller book.

This is so cool.

 And here is the other side.  Either one can be the front.  I kinda like this one for the cover.

My Fiber Group will be equally impressed. And more so, they will be impressed that i actually did the challenge........next year.

Next time I will do a white print.  Of course, you know i can't let Carol do ALL the cool stuff!

PS  I shared this on Sew Stitch Snap Share


  1. Maybe the dogs like the cozy nature of that bed kind of like a cat would like. That notebook cover is gorgeous! You make me want to go and print some leaves! If I am going to do that I better do it quilt because they are all falling off the trees and bushes!

  2. I love your notebook cover, definitely an autumnal feel to the colours. Thanks for linking to Sew, Stitch, SNAP, SHARE,

  3. Love the mono prints!!!!! really nice job there woman!!!! And the dog looks so cute and comfy! HA

  4. Nicely done! I wanted to try black like you did next. Trouble is it was 20 degrees last night and all the leaves are dead. I have a feeling every public place that has indoor plants that I go-to may be missing a leaf or two. Lol!
    That dog bed looks like the perfect size. I just wanna rub that belly!

  5. Wonderful post filled with all sorts of good things!

  6. Like the mono-printing, something I've always thought I should like to try but wonder if I'd be any good at it, yours is lovely.
    Love the photo of one of the bassets in the bed, dogs always seem to squeeze themselves in don't they!

  7. oh my, just want to cuddle right in there with the basset....do you think there would be room? my two switch beds all the time the Pyrenees cross sleeps in her brothers' smaller bed....of course the bed gets lost under her...

  8. So many good things in one post! I like all your beautiful printing, love your improv stripes.


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