Wednesday, November 8, 2017

I m On Fire!

So yesterday I quilted the Improv Stripes quilt.

And today I pulled the Triangles quilt from the stack.  This one is not as easy as the visually dense Improv Stripes.  It needed the quilting to be the focus.  So I got out an Angela Walters' book called Shape to Shape, or something close to that.  I would have to walk into the other room to find it. 

I rummaged through 2000 boxes to find the marking pen.  I marked up all the triangles with different motifs in each one.  I had to get pretty creative.  Another 2000 or  so boxes produced a couple of my longarm rulers, some triangle rulers and a box of crayon washable pens. 

Once it was loaded up, I found that I was good at the geometric shapes,

but sucked at the curved shapes.

So after I established that interesting fact I made some changes to the designs.

 I straightened out some curves.  this one on the left is one of my favorite ones. 

And I invented some pretty cool geometric block designs! 

Right now I am exactly half way done.  Unfortunately McGee has decided he does not like batting or triangle quilts.  I spend the rest of night picking up tufts of batting all over the house............


  1. You are on fire! McGhee was only looking after you...he found a way to get you to stop and rest.

  2. You are getting so much done! I like the idea of each triangle being quilted different. About those curves - I quilt my go to design all the time which is that triple loop design, but I still can't make a decent feather!

  3. YOU GO GIRL! The curves aren't so bad and nobody is going to notice since they will be in awe of the rest of your impressive quilting skills.

  4. I like all the squares. You need to have my husband saying - nobody is perfect, but you did a great job. he always tells me how great I did, so I will tell you -You did a great job and I love it.


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