Thursday, November 9, 2017

More, More, More!

I finished the Triangles quilting Thursday afternoon.  I had to adjust several curvy triangles to be more geometric.  Let's just say it works better for everyone this way.   Click on it to make it larger.

These are two of my favorite triangles. 

Actually, the curvy one I did so poorly on yesterday doesn't really look that bad from the back.

I did my favorite wavy lines in the borders.  I had intended on doing something like Krista Withers does in the borders, but I wanted to finish this and get another one going.

And do more art stuff........yes, that is why. 

I have the air conditioner grill soaking in some tea and vinegar.  I will have a post about that tomorrow. 

Sawyer is going to be here tomorrow and I am sure no art will get done!


  1. We expect Sawyer pics tomorrow! Quilt is nice!!

  2. Angela Walters stand back! The babe from the bayou is coming to town! Excellent work ❤❤❤

  3. I love your wavy lines! I may have to borrow/steal that! The quilt turned out very cool! Is it bound?


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