Saturday, January 13, 2018

Post #2 New Orleans weekend

 Please also see the previous post for NOLA photos and the church. Ok, video is working now.  Michelle took two videos rather than 2 pictures on my camera.  Oh, well. 

On Saturday for my Birthday Week Frank took me to Mes Amie Quilt Shop in the Lake Vista area.

The shop sits almost at where the break in the levee occurred after Katrina.  I had a number of friends living in this area that was one of the hardest hit because of the force of the water. Pieces of  Jim’s house were found nearly half a mile from its foundation site.  Charles house took 16feet of water.

This is one of the Old rich areas in the city, out towards the Lake Pontchartrain behind City Park.  A lot of the houses now have been jacked up and raised about 3 feet, still no match for Lake Pontchartrain to come sit on your doorstep.

Here are my purchases......all on sale, 35% off!  I know they look odd to you, but I have some of Material Obsessions patterns that will look amazing with these new friends!

I also scored two of their Row By Rows

2016 an 2017.  I wish I had taken a photo of this new Orleans quilt they had hanging.  Totally paper pieces and incredible in detail.  they created their own blocks as they went along!

And when I got home this was waiting for me  3.5 yards from my monthly surprise box from Becky's Treasure Trove!  Looks like sunsets to me, eh Carol?

This is me and my baby brother Kenny.  His birthday is the 8th and mine is the 17th.  So we met at Middendorf's for lunch.  I am tall at 5'9" and he is way taller!  He is 5 years younger than me.  I swear he is the spitting image of my dad.  I do a double take every time I see him. 

Frank and I did a little trip down memory  lane.

New Orleans is interesting, you get your  VooDoo, liquor and beer at the same place.

This is the Pottharst grave of my grandmother Irma, grandfather Jack, Great Great Aunt Mimi and her husband Great GreatUncle Neil Rowley.  And probably about 4 more people I can't remember.

That is my mother's side of the family.  The grave was in great shape, I was surprised.

Greenwood Cemetery is one of the 5 or 6 at the end of Canal Street.

this is the house Frankgrew up in in Metairie in Bissonet Plaza.  (Biss-ah-neigh) for those non-natives.  He lived across the street from me.

That was his room way off to the right. 
 This was my house. See the big dip in the sidewalk?  The land continues to sink as the water drains from the peat base.  The the whole area for miles was build on drained lake bottom.

And down the street was the church we were married in, but then it was Faith Cumberland Presbyterian.  I  agreed to be married in a church after Frank's mother pitched a shit fit about that.  I still regret caving in to her.......she never got any better.

This is a really bad shot of the bald eagle in his
nest.  I didn't have much notice when Frank casually said, oh, here is where the eagle is.....

Wait, I actually think this photo  is of the eagle.  Make it larger and maybe you can see it.

this is in the swamp areas outside Kenner, suburb of NOLA, and on the edge of lake Pontchartrain.

Here is a great shot of Lake Pontchartrain from the I-10 Bridge coming into Laplace.  It is about an hour from Baton Rouge to NOLA and a pretty level straight shot.

The New Orleans Airport is near this area west of the city of Kenner.  We actually used to live in Kenner after we got married.  Kenner was considered the "low class" Italians.  Now it is Latino and dangerous to be where you don't belong.

And these guys were waiting for us at Middendorf's when we arrived!  everyone was trying to stay warm.


  1. Frank doesn't look very happy with people living in his old house. Good haul on the fabric.

  2. Love your eagle shot and the trip down memory lane. Glad you had fun and memories. A way to see where you came from and make you happy to be where you are.

  3. Great fabric purchases and what fun to visit your past. I’m glad you had a good trip.

  4. What a fabulous weekend! The fabric is wonderful and to get it on sale is a bonus for sure! It has been a great birthday week so far!


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