Saturday, January 13, 2018

Have I Got A Treat For You! Post #1

New Orleans photos!

Michael walks Mary Kate
Caroline's Son William
Caroline Sister of Bride
Wedding Photos at St Patrick’s Cathedral.  Such a beautiful church, it was established in 1833; stunning architecture inside and out.  Church was completed in 1840 and the fir mass was recited.

It is in the Faubourg St. Mary section of the city .  The  priest celebrating the wedding was from Italy and had the moat amazing accent, bringing me back to the Italian relatives of my childhood.  The architect was James Gallier, who also built Gallier Hall which serves as the seat of the New Orleans government only a few steps down from the church.    The murals behind the altar were painted in 1841.  They are masterpiece works of art.

Brides Parents Renee and Michael
Paintings above the altar
The area surrounding the church was one where the Irish Immigrants lived. Today it is in the heart of the Arts District and where Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie bought several warehouses to be
turned into high rent apartments for their Hollywood set.
14 Bridesmaids!
 Old St Patrick's Cathedral
Michael saying he has THREE girls
The service was personalized so beautifully by the pastor, and he noted that it was the perfect place for a girl named Mary Kate Donahue to be married!

Mary Kate and Brock
The reception was in one of the old warehouses near the hotel called The Chicory.  We actually walked to the church, then the reception and back to the hotel.    I dined on Artichoke Casserole and Shrimp in Brie Sauce, meat pies and leg of roast beef and about 4 Old Fashions and a couple glasses of champagne.  Frank had fruit and tonic water.

Our 20th floor room in the Loews Hotel had a spectacular view,of the Mississippi River.

This is afternoon overcast


Morning clearing up


Here is the cathedral from 20 floors up!

I will create a second post to show you the quilt shop, my purchases and my brother.


  1. What a glorious venue for a beautiful wedding.

  2. The church is beautiful!!!! Stained glass amazing!!! The bride looked beautiful as well but I'm really impressed by the church! Thanks for sharing!

  3. That church is really beautiful. What a place for a wedding. Everything looked so grand.

  4. Thank you for sharing! Beautiful bride, handsome groom and relieved looking dad!


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