Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Spinning, Fire and Modern Guild

I thought I had posted yesterday, but I obviously didn't.    I kept tuning in and thinking it must not have posted.  But today, when I checked, it just wasn't there at all.  Hmmm.

You will love this.  I went to the Vestibular Lab yesterday and they put cold running water in my ear.  I had a dot to look at.  Which moved violently.  And they asked me to recite names of animals with certain alphabet letters.

The right ear drained, but water stayed in the left ear most of the day.  I was off balance and feeling like the water was sloshing around in there.  Today, it kinda hurts.  I imagine it will dry up soon and return to normal.

Today I met with the Vestibular Physical Therapist who reminded me so much of my Illinois cousin, about 30 years younger.  She made me stand on one foot, eyes closed.  I fell over quickly. 

Basically, I have a mild form of Meunier's Disease and Hydrops.  And they are looking at the migraine connection through an MRI then a Neurologist.  Sometimes they can take the form of an unbalanced feeling.

Or of course I could have a brain tumor if I had a brain.  Sometimes that is questionable.

So yesterday was mostly a waste.  I sat on the sofa with my head spinning around most of the afternoon.  And I had a Modern Guild Meeting last night.  Our January meeting is our yearly planning meeting.  With a small group we all get together and decide what we would like to do this year.

As I drove around town I listened to The Tea Girl of Hummingbird Lane by Lisa See.  If you want any number of great books, check out anything by Lisa See.  She writes about China, Chinatown, life in China, life in the US.  The last book China Dolls was about the dancing girls in pre-War US.  Loved it!

On Monday night we burned a bunch of boxes and branches in the fire thing.  I must be  bit of an arsonist because I love the fire.

I need to figure out how o get this into a fiber piece.

I have been bringing home pinecones from our walks.  they burn hot, hot and you can smell the pine oils in the smoke.  And they burn pretty cool looking!

I went to the Modern Guild meeting like I said.  Love the quilts they show.  I brought a section of the Daily Bird and my Zig Zag quilt.

Look at the quilting on this!  She used Cuddle on the back, which is like Minky.  It was A -Maze-Ing!  Click and make it larger to see the pattern Charlene is a master quilter for sure.  The front is mountains but I didn't want to  show it as she has it being juried into the GSQA show. 

This is the quilting that will be used for our charity quilt that goes to QuiltCon in Pasadena, CA net month.  Down to the wire of course.  Make it larger to see it.

And this was Joyce's quilt from a Judy Neimeyer class she took at Quilt Corner.  Love the colors and the NY Beauty blocks. 

We have some exiting things going  on this year.  And we are looking for members if you want to do modern.  We do ask that you bring only modern things to the group.  No traditional stuff! 

Be Free!  Which may explain why I can't make seams match on traditional stuff.......you know, my head thing.  When you spin randomly you create modern quilts!


  1. Meneire's is a blanket diagnosis that covers almost any form of unexplainable dizziness. Hopefully it gets better. I fall under that blanket diagnosis but they are pretty sure mine is caused by shingles affecting the nerve. Do the physical therapy exercises because they help. All of the balance tests stink and I hope you don't need them again and that the MRi only gives clarifying information.

  2. Sorry to hear about the dizziness issue. That would be debilitating. Charlene's quilting is wonderful!

  3. Sorry about your health isssues but glad you made it to your guild meeting. I like pine cones, too, but only burn them outside. I’m afraid really hot fires might damage the chimney.

  4. and all this time I though I was just a lousy sewer! Hope you feel better and it's some thing minor

  5. First off, hope your ear issue is resolving!! That is no fun at all!!! Second, thanks for recommendation of Lisa's book! I have read other book(s) by her. SO, so interesting!!! I just put a hold on the audio book from our library! Thanks again!


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