Sunday, January 7, 2018

Deadline for Brush With Burden

There is a show deadline I am hoping to make with two of my pieces.  Brush with Burden is traditionally an oil/acrylic painting show, but several of my friends Judy and Mary, have been successful in getting juried in with their fiber art and actually selling a few pieces.  So I figured I might see.

These are my tea bags on stretched canvas.  I wish I could draw. 

I left it last night with  some dissatisfaction.  I am not that kind of an artist.  I have an eco-dyed piece of linen I found when I was looking for some antique laces I knew I had but just haven't found yet.  I am not sure starting over is an option at this point.  It needs to be photographed and sent in by the 20th of January.

Hmmmm........I have some rusty pieces in there too.  That might be a better shot. 

I am spending time on that rather than the quilting of Zig Zag or  finishing the Daily Bird.  So different, these ways of mine.  I have a partial  row and two fans on another row to complete.  I think I picked out a binding, so I may just cut that out and be ready for when I need it.

Carrie is not speaking to me over this wagon thing, and says I need mental help so I will probably have a lot of time to work on my pieces this week.  Not that she takes up a lot of my time, but if she asks me to do something, I generally rearrange my schedule and help her.

Have you seen Kathy Doughty of Material Obsession?  In March she is going to be in Kerrville TX doing a workshop.  I would love to go, depending on which one it is.  I got a book of hers from the library and have fallen in love with her mixing of prints to the extreme!

She does the Fractured Quilts that was all the rage two years ago.  Maybe three, there was the flood in there somewhere.  You know I just lost that whole year.

I know I am not supposed to start too many things I can't quilt right now, but I am being directed by aliens to do her Wild Child quilt.


Anyone want to go to Kerrville with me?  I am going to call the quilt shop tomorrow.  It is 7 1/2 hours from here........OMG.........I wonder if they have an airport?  I can fly to Dallas and talk Suzette into going with me.  Maybe that will work.

Here is her instagram.

  Kathy Doughty, not Suzette.  But if you want to see Long Tall Sally,  I mean, Suzette, check her out here.....She goes by Swooze.

 And she does some pretty cool stuff. 


  1. I would go with the yellow tea bag piece. It's great! Very artistic and modern. The fact it's made with tea bags is a huge conversation thing. People will say " oh! She made that with tea bags!" How cool is that?

  2. Hey I’d be game. I need details!

  3. I love the tea bag piece. Is it for sale?

  4. Hope you have fun! I would love to be wild and free, but I am way too reserved to take off 7.5 hours for a quilt class.


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