Friday, January 5, 2018

Fun with Barb

Boy am I stuffed!  We went to Bonefish Grill with some friends and I ate a whole regular sized meal for the first time in three months.  It was good through.  One of my sides was spinach so I sacrificed it for calories sake.....well, you didn't expect me so give up the Moscow Mule, do you.

And it is pre-Birthday Week after all.

I started quilting the Zig Zag.

First I needed to mark it since I wanted to quilt a large Baptist Fan pattern.

This is from Fun with Barb!  We shall see how much fun Barb really is, huh?

Carrie gave me some Tailor's Chalk for Christmas so I figured I  would mark it with that.  I decided to mark it AFTER I spent and hour  loading it on the long arm.

So far, Barb is not all that fun.

It come in white, blue and yellow for all the different colors you might use in a quilt.  That worked well because there was always something that would work on any fabric in the quilt.

And I found out the chalk doesn't bounce when you throw it on the floor.

I got it all re-loaded up on the long arm.

And after doing one swing pass I started getting better at the curves.  If you remember, curves are not necessarily my friend.

 I realized I had re-loaded it from the wrong side.  It is  square, and all the fans were ending in thin air.---------Geez, Barb, you call that fun.

So I took it off the long arm and decided to quilt it with my Husqvarna.  And with all the moving around and taking on and off and on and off, the chalk was rubbing off.

Barb is NOT  any fun.......not at all.  Barb is a bummer.  Go home Barb.

So I ended up stitching one fan, then chalking up the next one.

I have a couple more to do to finish up, tomorrow.


  1. Poor Barb! Getting blamed for everything. Maybe her idea of fun is different from ours or maybe you caused the problems wanting to do it your way.

  2. Even though I was baptised a Methodist I do love a good Baptist fan. Good choice for the zigzag zag quilt.

  3. I'm sorry for you while I'm laughing out loud. This sounds like me, too, although I don't have a longarm. The older I get the harder it becomes to see quilting marks so I'm trying to figure some ways to quilt without them. Baptist Fans have become a go-to design. Someone told me they are called Methodist Fans is certain parts of the country. Not sure what part of what country that is.
    Happy Birthday.

  4. Who is Barb and why are you listening to her? What wagon thing?

  5. Is Barb really the problem or is it the user? LOL!!! Next time using that stencil will be easier since you have made all the mistakes possible to make with marking this quilt. I use Tailor's Wax when marking. It only comes in one color and disappears with heat. I bought a whole box of it years ago and sharpen the edges that wear down with the edge of my scissors kind of like sharpening a pencil with a knife. Keep at it - this quilt is going be wonderful when it is done.


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