Thursday, January 4, 2018

An Accident in the Quilt Room

 So there was a near fatal accident in the quilt room today.

I  was vacuuming so I could mop up after the love  birds made such a mess on the floor. 

The vacuum blew a couple of birds off the design wall, and before I could do anything.....gobbled up the batik bird.  Surgery was required.  I had to replace a corner of the  HSTs.

For a while I worked on putting  my birds together, but I took a bit of a detour.  I remembered that Judy was going to choose a number from a list of 12 we prepared in December.  I must have missed that totally. 

She chose number 10 -  my Zig Zag quilt.  It needs to have a back  made and get quilted. 

The blocks were made at a retreat a couple of years ago.  From Sujata Shah's book Cultural Fusion Quilts.  One of my favorite books. 

 I pulled  some short lengths  of fabric to make a pieced back.  Even though the fabrics are more  traditional, it looks  like  a modern backing.

This is  where I am with the birds right now.  I have put together three sections.  Of course, not making the birds all the same equal sizes, I am having to create piecing maps and get very creative about getting them together.

I am adding white spacers where I need them.  I hope this will make it large enough just to need a small white border around the whole thing.

Frank watched the new X-Files while i watched the Aurora Borealis in Iceland.

That is where we  will be on this year's vacation!


  1. Sorry to hear about the vacuum accident, I love this Bird quilt!
    Zig Zag quilt is a beautiful project too, but if you are going to start the Little Red Riding Hood... just kidding ;))

  2. I am glad you are able to save the bird block by replacing the HST's that got damaged. If it is not the dogs it is the vacuum cleaner eating your fabric! That backing will look good for the zig zag quilt.

  3. Glad the emergency surgery was a success!

  4. Glad the damage was minor! I like number 10 and think it will a great first finish.

  5. Love both the birds and the zigzag. I'm glad the vacuum accident was not too bad.

  6. Yay! Cleaning can be dangerous :)

  7. My sis went there last year to see it, she loved it

  8. So glad you have good plastic surgery skills.

  9. I'm glad a fatal accident was averted. I love your coloured HSTs - well worth the work.


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