Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Deciding on a Background

Linking to Sew stitch snap share. They do really neat stuff.  Go see.

The Big Bad Wolf block is done.  I love him.  I could do a whole quilt of wolf blocks.  Hiding in the trees.  Skulking around.  Leering at Red.

Have you heard the saying, the cat's out of the bag?  That came from the device called a cat-o-nine-tails used to whip  people convicted of treason against the King of England.  It was used in the colonies as punishment for the treasonous acts of rebellion.  In Boston it was kept in a crimson bag so you wouldn't see the blood that soaked into the fabric.  When they took the device out of the bag, the saying in the crowd would be "the cat's out of the bag."

I am listening to Bill O'Reilly's Killing England.  A lot of what you know from history class is not necessarily the way things happened during the American War For Independence.  It is a good read if you like history.  Or just want to learn something. 

But I digress.

Wolf and Red.

I got the Wolf guy done.

It is almost personal in composition.  When I have nightmares trying to hide and get away from some  terrible thing, this is what happens.  The tree or pole is too small to hide me.  But there is no where else to hide. 

 I  added another tree block as well.  A light backgound this time. 

These are the blocks I have finished.

I was trying to decide what color background to use in the next few blocks.  I want to continue the feel of the colors with that blueish green.

I have mostly fat quarters which will make a block with careful cutting. 

But I already have a yellowish green in that bottom row tree.

So I pulled many of my greens, of which I had a lot, and played with the camera testing and trying the different possibilities.

The remaining  blocks will all be tree blocks.  And I like the 9 patch look of the quilt center.

I was thinking the borders need to have words.  So I am considering what of something to put there.

Red and the Wolf

Big Bad Wolf

Watch Out, Red!

Hey there Little Red Riding Hood, You Sure Are Looking Good.......a bit long but.

My head is hurting again so I might need some suggestions if you have any.  I have my Neurologist appt next week.

Listen to this, it may help drive the creative juices. It has always been one of my favorite songs even way back when.



  1. This is awesome! How about putting the words to that song in the border? How are you at quilting words? That would be cool. Do a solid border sooner can see the words but have to get close .

  2. What a great project! Love it, especially that sneaky wolf.

  3. Love your wolf! This is a fun quilt!

  4. Yes, I too love that wolf! This is such a fun quilt, thanks for sharing with 'sew stitch snap SHARE'

    1. p.s. I've ben trying to email you but no luck with delivery. Are you ok if I repost your BigBW pic in our next fortnightly linkup of SSSS please?

  5. I love your little history lesson. It's always interesting to learn where some of these sayings come from. Love the wolf and little red riding hood. Thanks for the lovely comments about our link up.

  6. He is such a sly and evil creature. Ooooh! Love the song, too.

  7. I love what you are doing here and have been trying to work out how you are doing it - improv piecing or Foundation piecing.....?


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