Sunday, February 4, 2018

Red Riding Hood

 She is so adorable!  And I am linking her up to the Design Wall Monday.  go see what others are doing today as well.

So now I have the Grandma’s house, a bit of the forest and Red.  When I put Red together the first time......yep, the first time I had her head a bit to the left.  A bit!  LOL.  She had a serious hunch back.

See the one below is before I fixed her.   She really needed to be fixed, so I used my friendly seam ripper to decapitate her.  For her own good.

And she looks a lot better now.

I am going to o the wolf tomorrow.  Love that guy!

We were at Carrie’s today playing with the grandbaby.  He is cutting some big time teeth.  He got me pretty good last week so I knew to stay away from those choppers.  Hopefully he will get them under control and I won’t be going to daycare to spring him from Baby Jail for biting.

His teacher told Carrie that he is into licking the glass door in his classroom.  I am pretty sure he gets that crazy wild side from my family.  Although I don’t generally lick glass doors I have been known to do some pretty offbeat things.

Zookeeper, dog trainer, owned three businesses, I have an undergraduate and two advanced degrees.  I was sole caretaker for two Alzheimer’s patients and a cancer patient overlapping each other;  all family members.   I don’t sleep a lot, my favorite shows in the middle of the night?  600 Lb Life and Lock Up!   Not your average career line, but very interesting all the way.

What’s next?  Who knows!

What’s the weirdest job you’ve ever had?


  1. I can't pick a weirdest. I worked in a sewage treatment plant. I also assessed weapon damage which include counting holes in tanks and other vehicles. I was an environmental chemist testing for such fun things as cyanide and heavy metals in ground water. One thing I did was test the effects of groundwater runoff from a creosote plant on local waterways.

  2. Waitress the graveyard shift at a bobs big boy and had to wear a fake bun on my hair. The weirdos that are out all night in DC!

  3. I worked in a factory that bagged sandwiches for vending machines

  4. Painted a basement and deck one summer while in high school, worked in a dry goods store, teller at a savings and loan, made custom draperies, waitress at a greasy spoon and a Pizza Hut, salesperson at J.C. Penny, worked at a chemical plant - inventory, accounts payable, receiving, asst. superintendent, learned to drive a towmotor or fork lift, worked at a house builder in the yard as a supervisor and unloaded trucks, worked as a seamstress at a place that made custom clothes for people who show western horses, and now work at a construction company doing administrative work, project engineer work, and superintendent all at the same time. I have attended five different colleges and have three degrees. After high school I got in two full time years of college - Slippery Rock and Ohio State - then ran out of money. I went back to school in my mid-twenties to Kent and got my associate, Malone College and got my bachelor, and Ashland University and got my master's - all in business. More of a roller coaster than weird.


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