Sunday, February 4, 2018


Just to show you how much I love are the lips.

 Don't you just love that  color on me?

Here are the five of us at the parade.  I  saved this from Carrie's new camera and it auto corrected it to black and white.  Sometimes I
amaze myself at what I can do without even knowing it!

This is a new project.  I figured if I am finishing up two quilts this month I can add at least one more to the pile.  Right?

This is the grandmother's house  in Little Red Riding Hood.  I need to go copy some additional tree blocks today, I need 6 of them.  I only copied 3 for some reason. 

And then there is Red and the Wolf blocks.  Been wanting to do this one for a while. 


  1. OMG I love you!! If you decide to lose those lips send them to me. Artemis is Darcys cats name.

  2. When I do something right its a accident! I just click buttons!


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