Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Cooking with Red

Between today and yesterday, many fine tomatos gave their all for the sauce!

We went to Carrie's yesterday to work on re-grouting her tub, and I cooked enough spaghetti sauce for 5 containers of sauce and one huge humongous lasagna.

So we get home and Frank says, we are having lasagna for dinner? Nope, it was all in Carrie's freezer! Poor baby. We had grilled chicken and broccoli and avocado.

So today I once again cooked a huge pot of spaghetti sauce and made three lasagna in the 8 inch tin pans and had enough spaghetti sauce leftover for 3 containers for us.

I am tired of red!

glen: but I can sit and quilt all day for several days now! Just unfreeze a Lasagna, make some texas toast and a salad and we are eatin'!!!!

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