Friday, January 8, 2010

Rippling Waters Bonnie Doon, CGC, HIT, NWPD (1998 to 2009)
I sent her off on a clear cold day. The kind she loved to sit on the porch and just watch when it was cold cold out there.
And even though my eyes are swollen from the tears, I can see her walking on four good strong legs, looking for the chihuahua section.

She was a dog whose presence among other dogs was clear, she was the alpha. She decided who could play and who needed to stay on the deck. While she pretended to be aloof, she never took her eyes off me. She never refused to do anything for me, if I asked her to do it, she gave it her all. She was just like that. She was smart, confident, willing and bold. Everything you could ever want in a Swissy. And more.

And she was beautiful. Her breeder, Peggy Roderick, told me that in the litter of 13 puppies, you never had any problem picking out Bonnie Doon, she was the whitest face there. And the one usually in mischief!

Thank you Peggy and Dave, I cannot imagine my life without my beautiful girl.

Go far, my girl, on four strong legs........find those chihuahuas..........they keep them somewhere over there!

On our walk with the two dogs last night, we turned the corner and faced our house at the end of the street. The moon was rising just above it. We saw the moonbeam stretch from our back yard, through Max's star and the Orion constellation and on to the edge of themoon and I felt Pepsi’s breeze on my cheek. Frank said they were guiding Bonnie Doon home.The moon will always remind me of my girl.

Deeply missed by Glen and Frank Parks, Baton Rouge, LA

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