Sunday, February 7, 2010

Got zips; will sew them up!

I returned from the store with 12 seven inch zippers. So I made two more little bags. I plan on offering them to the ladies at Dan's Superbowl Party this afternoon. This one I did directly on the scrap of batting. I love the thin cotton batting, it is sooooo versatile! This yellow and red beauty is lined with the red and yellow squares fabric.

Valerie is not sure if she is going to make it with the oncoming cold and her dad's condition worsening. So when I saw her this morning she was able to choose hers. And of course I did not take a picture of it before it left the nest

But here is the remaining one, a cutsey one at that. All red and yellow. I want to keep it for myself! (nothing new here!)

And here is a picture of poor sad little Dutch. He, like me, has not fully recovered from Bonnie Doon's death yet. We both miss her something awful. Sometimes we just go into the back yard and talk to her. He sits with me on the bench and we hug each other.

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