Saturday, February 13, 2010

A rough day

We had a rough day today. Valerie's dad passed away early this morning. The family can now be at peace, it is over. She is flying out tomorrow from New Orleans to be with the family as they gather together. Go safely, my friend.

And I have been finishing up things. I cleaned off my sewing table, well a little bit of it anyway! And I did complete the top of the Blue and Beige Row Quilt that has been on my shelf for maybe, oh, four years now. So that felt good. And I put the back together so all I have to do is load it on the frame when I finish with Garret's quilt.

Garret's quilt is ready to meld with its backing. The backing came in day before yesterday, but things have been hectic. I hope to put them together tomorrow. It is not going on the frame because I am just doing straight line quilting. But it looks great. And the Marine insignia backing is fabulous! I am glad I found it, even if it doesn't match the front!


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