Monday, March 22, 2010

What Is On The Design Wall Monday March 22 2010

My design wall is auditioning backgrounds for the Outhouse blocks. I won these silly blocks in a monthly lotto challenge from my Cyberguild online. They are fun fun fun, but difficult to work on. I need about three more, or some really innovative sashing blocks. AUGHHHHH!

I can only think of BLACK. So that is why it is staying on my design I can mull over my choices.

And it would be wonderful to get other thoughts maybe??????


PS -- It doesn't look as bad in the picture as it is on my design that makes me feel better already! LOL


  1. They are a hoot! Love them!

    Lynne in Hawaii

  2. Great blocks! And the black is a good contrast!

  3. I like the black best. I'm not sure I'd leave it on the design wall very long - how about something in the fall, halloween theme with it? Intermingle the outhouses with witches, ghosts, etc.?? Just trying to be helpful - LOL


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