Friday, April 2, 2010

LOL. I seem to have a lot of things going on on Sat April 10th.   It is like the world woke up from winter and scheduled everything on that day!

Today is Frank's birthday and he wanted to cook for everyone. So he got 10 chicken breasts, 3 lbs of sausage and made a mess of broccoli slaw, dirty rice and a huge salad! I asked how many people were coming and he said it was just Valerie, Carrie and Andrew. Huh? All that food?????

I got a call from Dan and Amber looking to go out to lunch with us, so I said to get their butts over and eat with us. And they did.  Lucky we had all that food!

I made the most amazing cake.  It was like a jelly roll cake but with a merainge type cake much like a chocolate lady finger.  And I used philly cream cheese thinned with a tiny bit of chocolate mile as the filling.  It was heavenly.  And not a lot of carbs or sugar!

I gave Frank a safari hat from the Zoo, tickets to Global Wildlife Center and a new pair of Wrangler jeans. Carrie gave him a gift certificate from the Backpacker to get his hiking sandals and a signed copy of Edwin Edwards: Governor of Louisiana. Leo signed it with a personal note to Frank! And Valerie gave him a gift certificate for I-Tunes. So he racked up with cool stuff.
Yesterday we bought new seats for our street bikes. We had new tires put on last week and we are now ready for some exercise. Dan said he can set up the bike to be ergonomically correct for our bodies so we will head over there tomorrow.

On Sunday we will cart the bikes out to LSU and spend the morning riding through the campus. It really is beautiful with the lakes and all the azaleas blooming. And the new seat will be so wonderful on my butt! the new seat is a gel seat that cushions well!

I am looking forward to that ride with Dan and Amber. Carrie left her cell pnone here today so I have to ride over to her office and bring it to her tomorrow. I get to see what she is working on. There is amazing stuff happening!

Have a happy holiday and enjoy your families!


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  1. hey there,
    you asked about sewing the two sections together for the selvage spiderweb quilt...yup, the resulting block is square...not in my pictures (i'm a cruddy photographer), but definitely square!


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