Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Squirrels - 7 Me - 0

It would seem that humans with their larger brains and less beady eyes would be superior thinkers compared to squirrels.  But that is not necessarily true.  The wonderful new feeder I purchased has been compromised.

The crafty critters have actually broken the plastic on the feeder windows to enlarge the hole.  That means when the mechanism pulls down to cover the feeding window, they can still access the feed through the broken spot.

I found some pieces of heavy plastic that is used behind door jams to adjust the width of the hole catching the door latch.  And I glued them on the places the stupid squirrels are reaching through.  The glue is drying.  So we shall see if this latest thing thwarts them.........

I doubt it.  They probably have a few more tricks up their tight fitting sleeves.

Now I am off to find a suitable paint color with which to paint the hole in the bathroom wall................

glen:  sigh...........will there be time left for quilting??????????


  1. I'm so glad you have water???? Face it, you have the smartest squirrels in the world. Maybe we can turn this into a positive - like a reality show "humans vs. squirrels", or "dancing with the squirrels", or better yet "the days of our squirrels". Or maybe a quiz show like "fake the squirrels", "squirrel feud", "squirrel jeopardy" or even "wheel of squirrels".

    Hugs - Marie (still LOL)

  2. I had to laugh. We're going through the same thing with squirrels here too. Well...my hubby is anyway. They chew up a feeder and he Goops it back together and they hang by their feet and chew at it some more and he encloses the pipe so they can't hang. Now I'm waiting to see what they'll do next. I know hubby won't win this war. lol But the funniest thing...he really LIKES them. Loves to watch their antics.


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