Sunday, May 16, 2010

glenda parks - Greatest Problem Solver in the Universe!

Bet you didn't know that about me,did ya???

So the conversation goes like this:

Mom:  I have a big problem. 
glen:  oh, oh....what is this big problem you have?
Mom:  I don't have any pajamas to sleep in tonight.
glen: Well, you slept in pajamas last night.
Mom:  Yes, but I don't have them now.
glen:  well, where did they go?
Mom:  I packed them up and brought them somewhere.
glen:  where?
Mom:  That is the problem.  I don't know where I brought them to. It might be one place, but then it might be another.  I just don't know.  But I do know, they are not here.
glen:  OK.  When did you do this?
Mom:  Early this morning.
glen:  When we left this morning you didn't bring anything with you.
Mom:  I didn't?
glen:  Nope.  So they must still be here.
Mom:  In this house?
glen:  Yep.  In this house.  Do you want me to come help you find them?
Mom:  excited now..........Yes, can you?
glen:  Of course.
(we walk down the hall to the bathroom off the guest room, where her pajamas are hanging on the peg.)
glen:  are these what you wanted to wear tonight?
Mom: that where they were?
glen:  Yes.
Mom:  You can solve just about any problem, can't you?
glen:  can you tell Carrie that?  Or how about Frank?
Mom:  ha ha ha.  (she still knows a good joke when she hears one!)

about 5 minutes later.........
Mom is standing in the middle of the hallway, just standing there.
glen:  did you need something else?  Can I help you with something?
Mom:  well, I was going to do the thing, but it is not something I can do without the stuff to do it with.  Did you know that?
glen:  maybe, I am not really sure.  Were you going to put on your pajamas?
Mom:  yes, I guess I can do that while I get the stuff going on the other thing.
glen:  OK.
Mom:  see, you can solve all the problems.  Does Frank know that?
glen:  probably not.  You should tell him.

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  1. isn't it great that some problems are that easy!


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