Friday, May 7, 2010

Taking mom home.....for now

We are getting ready to head back to Laplace taking my mom home for the week.  We will be there next weekend to move her stuff to the new place in Baton Rouge.  I will be able to get to sewing once again.  When she is here I am totally consumed with her, she needs direction constantly.  Which is why I can't have her live here with us.  Neither Frank nor I would have a life.  So I am dealing with that emotional baggage as well.

But I did take some photos with my Mother's Day present from Frank.  A NEW CAMERA!  My "old" one is perfectly fine but it has a spot on the lens inside and I can find no one to clean it locally.  It will cost $150 to send it off plus whatever they do to it.    I bought this new Sony Cybershot for $229.

And it has a panoramic Sweep feature!  Cool

Here are some of the tomatos and the baby birds in my other tomato plant.


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